Monday, February 4, 2008


One of things DH and I try to do is make time for travel, and sometimes it's to a place which requires mosquito cream and boiled water.  Traveling to a third world country can be rewarding and the crafts and textiles indigenous to Africa, Asia, and South America are truly amazing.  But international travel is not always easy, and bringing back that beautiful leather table from Peru may seem impossible.  Which is why I like Worldstock, a store within, an internet liquidator.  Unlike PotteryBarn and other major U.S. furniture and fabric importers, Worldstock purchases from artisans directly, and its markups are far less than other retailers.  They don't work with any artisans that employ or apprentice child labor and the direct transfer of funds promotes economic and environmental sustainability.  Currently shipping is free on their website, their return policy is 30 days, and unvarishned customer reviews of each item provide honest feedback.  Particularly interesting were these Hand painted Storage Boxes from China:$47 ; hand blown mexican glass for $55 and handpainted Moraccan Ceramic Vases for $38.

And you didn't even have to lug it through customs.

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